General Manager: Ding-Meng Lin
Company history:

Sep. 1976, established to make precision molding tool.

Mar. 1978, set-up its own factory and added press equipment and metal part press.

Sep. 1985, moved factory to the current location and increased 5,000,000 NT dollar capital, making and designing automatic machinery.

April , 1988, added production line engineering equipment, electronic parts assembly processing

In June, 1990, increased capital to NT$20,000,000, and set-up a CNC machine tool, and CAD-CAM equipment.

In July,1993.set-up a new precision line cutting and electric discharge machineries and equipment

   Managing concept:

   Honest: Honest is the policy to run this company for more than 20 years.
   Hung-Li Co. is growing to an economic scale and automatic equipment manufacturing factory.

   Practicality: With an honorable manner and honest attitude, do the advanced R & D to try
   to upgrade Molding Industrial Technology.

   Credibility: We always keep our responsibility to our customers and guarantee
   to our quality products and services.

   Mutual prosperity: Hope to have all customers' continuing support,
   to make better products for the customers.

Company target:

Based on the long-term industrial experiences, we continue with R & D and feedback to the society,

making fortune for the people. Our concept to run Hung-Li Co. is as follows:

1. Improve quality, cut down cost    2. R & D and design, technology breakthrough

3. Setting-up a good working environment   4. Well-chosen system, workers potential development

5. Complete automatic production system.

Company information:

Company Name: HUNG-LI DIE CO., LTD.

Address : No. 6-1, Lane 45, Kuang-Hua Road, Pao-Shen Tsun Tah-She Hsiang, KaoHsiung Hsien Taiwan R.O.C

Representative: General Manager: Ding-Meng Lin

Established: September 1976.

Area: 1,620 square meter.

Capital: NT$20,000,000.

Employee: 30 people (March 1999)

Business Item:

Automatic design and manufacturing. Continuing press molding

Press metal parts, precision tooling

Wire cutting processing, electronic parts assembly

Banking information:

First Commercial Bank (Nan-Tze Branch)   China International Commercial Bank (Nan-Tze Branch)

Main Equipment:

CAD-CAM equipment, CNC miller, Grinding machine, Wire cutting machine, E. D. M., Press.