* Equipment summary *
Equipment contents Style capability maker Set
Computer Assist design system 32byte TATUNG 3
Drafting machine A1 SIZE GRAPHTEC 1
Drafting machine A3 SIZE GRAPHTEC 1
3D coordinate measurement 400*300 (0.001)mm DOI  PRECISION 1
Tool microscope 150*300(0.002)mm MITSUTOYO 1
Overhead projector X250(0.002)mm MITSUTOYO 1
Overhead projector X250(0.002)mm SHINKO 1
Hardness test machine   MISAWA 1
Wire cutting machine AP150(0.002~0.005)mm SODICK 1
Electric discharge machine 300*300 (0.005)mm CHMER 1
Electric discharge machine 300*300 (0.005)mm SEE  FOU 1
NC miller VMC 950 (0.01)mm KA   FU 1
Miller 400*800(0.02)mm KANTO 2
Miller 300*600(0.02)mm KANTO 1
Miller 300*600(0.02)mm KENT 3
Grinder 250*500(0.003~0.005)mm KENT 4
Grinder 300*600(0.003~0.005)mm KENT 2
Grinder 400*800(0.003~0.005)mm KENT 1
Lathe 1150(0.015)mm TAKIZAWA 1
Press 110ton CHIN  FONG 2
Press 80ton CHIN  FONG 2
Press 60ton CHIN  FONG 1
Press 45ton CHIN  FONG 1
Press 35ton CHIN  FONG 2
Press 35ton CHEN  LI 1
Press 20ton CHIN   FONG 1
Press 80ton WETORI 1

Micro measure
100 times tool microscopic testing to 0.2% precision.

Develop design
Computerized automatic graphic equipment, the best professional design and graphic engineers.

Automatic R & D
PC automatic circulating control, efficiently automatic assembly

  CNC miller

The milling machine: changing cutter automatically, and adjusting equipment processing high efficiency, high precision.

Wire cutting
Oil bath style wire cutting machine: processing quality stable, precision to 0.2%.


Mold parts
Specialized in mold parts assembling, and testing, with good experience.


Whole plant automatically continuing press equipment, and automatic hand moving, pressing function.